Monday, August 18, 2008

New RockSmith Gear

RockSmith just released some new threads for fall 2008. The shirt pictured at the very top is called "the Space Booty" Tee and pays tribute the SoutherPlayalisticCadillacHustla lifestyle while The "Robot Rock" Tee (picture 2nd) pays tribute to the band Daft Punk's new "Robot Rock" single off their new album "Human After All." You might notice the similarities between the the RockSmith font on the Robot Rock tee and Daft Punk's logo. The Uptown Vest (bottom) is definitely an eye catcher as well, not many people can rock a vest like that. Check out the rest of RockSmith's line or buy this stuff here.


t sech said...

thats rap artist tyga. daft punk is the shiz though, i might cop that shirt and vest. dope shiat.

Anonymous said...

hell yeah, Tyga also modeled some clothing for the brand WeSC on Karmaloop check it out