Monday, August 18, 2008

Featured Artist- LoveJones

The featured artist today is Love Jones. Real name Mike Jones he is a up and coming rapper and is one of Sneakhype's favorites. He originally began writing poetry but influences from Wu-tang, Dungeon Family, and the Hot Boys led him to the art of writing raps. He is originally from Kansas where he fell in love with hip-hop but unfortunately the rap scene in Kansas was not sufficient so he relocated to the Chi-town to grow as an artist. Staying true to his roots while combining what he has learned from the Chicago Hip-Hop culture helped him perfect his flow. He is Constantly doing shows and recording for his is upcoming album titled "Sunday Drive" which is made up of the perfect combination of lyrics and beats. Produced by Phys Ed, the album should be out in early September. While you wait on the release you can get a taste of his music through his Myspace Page or check out some his weekly video installment called Mike Murder presents on Youtube here. You'll see exactly why Sneakhype is talking about this guy. Remember the ladies love Jones and so you should you.

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