Thursday, December 11, 2008


Sneakhypers - we've launched a new version of Sneakhype. Go on over to to get filled up on your dopeness... daily.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Featured Magazine-Arkitip

You gotta check this Magazine out, Arkitip. It's really more like books considering most cost around 100-200 dollars since they are made in limited release. They work with some of Sneakhype's favorite artists. Also they sell prints,tees and some random goodies that scream fresh. Check it out Arkitip now.

Alife Denim Line

Add this to your Christmas wish list boys and girls. After collaborating with Levi many times, Alife is ready for its own denim line. Different types are avaliable at all Flagship stores now. (Via Alife)

Shawn Stussy Writes Signature

Shawn Stussy is seen drawing his signature. It's just amazing to watch him create masterpieces in literally seconds and its no biggie to him. Thats some talent, yo. This will keep EG busy for a week trying to recreate this.

Spike Jonze Directs "Where the Wild Things Are" Movie

We all know Spike Jonze is the man, hes made some incredible movies,commercials and music videos. So when I heard he was making a film-adaptation of the book "Where the Wild Things Are", I thought this could be so dope or it could ruin a classic. But then I thought its Spike Jonze and shoot with a $115,000,000 budget I think it'll be fine. Filming is done and its set for release next October.

** READ READ READ ** PUMA concerts - Sneakhype VIP Giveaway

SNEAKHYPERS LISTEN UP: Puma got in touch with us and is offering us spots on the VIP list for their free concert series. Check it out... concerts are coming up in LA (Dec 8th - Plain White Tees with DJ Adam), San Fran (Dec 9th - Steve Aoki and Laday Gaga), and then the Bravery are going to be rockin out Chicago on December 10th. This is where you come in... none of the Sneakhype OG crew are going to be able to make it up to any of these shows, so we want to offer ANY of our readers these VIP spots. If you live in or around these areas, you should really hit us up and get these VIP tix. eg [at] sneakhype [dot] com GET AT ME

FALSE: Fallacy of Rome

This is the 2nd drop of many to come through out 2009 for Fallacy Of Rome. The 2nd drop from Fallacy Of Rome ( sees their iconographic "Kerberos" individually hand-screened by the FALSE ( duo on high quality crewnecks. They'll be an array of drops through-out 2009 with high-profile collaborations and the like, look to this project to take you right through to 2010.

Kiltro House

The designers of this project described it as such -- The result: a mix, a bastardized design, a fusion, like a crossbreed dog, in Chilean:
A Kiltro.
...whatever the ___ that means. Regardless, this house is sick. More pics and info here. [thecoolhunter]

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bone Thugs N Harmony to Reunite, New Album On The Way

It is rumored that Bone Thugs N Harmony are planning to re-unite and have a new album coming out titled, "Uni 5." All 5 original members are getting together for this album which is due out 2009. Better get ready for this one its gonna be hot.

Paper Root - It's Shark Week Tee

Here at, we got much love for a variety of aquatic wildlife, but we have a particular affinity for sharks. Especially badass sharks that eat people and have blood all over their faces... such as the shark depicted on this lovely tee from Paper Root. Get it here get it now get it for 31 dollars. save 20% by using the repcode at the bottom of this screen.

BBC/Ice Cream Limited Edition Anniversary T-Shirt

In celebration of the anniversary of the BBC/Ice Cream New York Flagship store, BBC will be releasing this limited edition graphic T-Shirt. This Black and White Shirt will be available Dec 5th at the flagship store, I'm sure these are gonna go quick. [Hypebeast]

Stussy X realMad Hectic X AFD Icegear Gore-Tex Jacket

Stussy hooked up with realMad Hectic and AFD Icegear Gore-Tex online this jacket. Some serious time and effort was put into this jacket. I wish i could wear this thing inside out that lining is out of this world. It is being released this saturday, Dec. 6th at Stussy Japan. [Highsnobiety]

Clipse Presents: Play Cloths Clothing

The Clipse have always been known to rock the newest Ice Cream and BBC gear out but now they are starting to take measures into their own hands. Malice and Pusha T have come out with their own clothing line. They call it "Play Cloths", it is inspired from early childhood memories, hence the logo. The shirt reminds me of a Ice Cream or BBC shirt, and the Play Cloths Website also resemebls BBC's, but i like this logo a lot. These shirts come in a few different colors. Unlike Ice Cream, Play Cloths shirts are priced at a semi-reasonable $40.00. They are available now at Commonwealth. In other Clipse news, they released a new mixtape called "Road Till The Casket Drops" which is being presented by Play Cloths, be sure to check that out too right here.

Benny Golds Online Shop Is Finally Open!

Benny Gold's online shop is finally up and open for business. This is good news for people like me who live in Kansas. The stores has limited quantities so act quick because it'll probably go fast. Check out the store here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beats By Dre. Dre - Ear Buds

Beats by Dr. Dre just came out with with these in-ear headphones. These ear buds use newly developed technology that provides excellent sound performance, and they look pretty cool too.

Featured Artist - Chow Martin

Lil dopeness for y'all to chew on for a bit. Chow Martin... far more delicious than Chow Mein. His preferred medium is ink on Mylar. Check out his personal site here. Couple images courtesy of his behance portfolio.