Sunday, November 30, 2008

BB's "Heart & Mind" T-Shirt

Dang, that is a nice shirt. Gotta love BBC. It is an 80 dollar T-Shirt but man i think its worth it. Get it here.

Sakurako Shimizu

Sakurako Shimizu has been designing this crazy jewerly called called the Waveform Series. This interesting jewerly is based off of sound waves. Shimizu has connected some sort of sound equipment that translates music or spoken sound into wave form and has it lazer cut into metal rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Pretty dope. [designCorner]

Nike Air Zoon Tallac Lite's

These are the Nike Men's Air Zoom Tallac Lite's. They are part of the ACG genre and are some hiking sneaker hybrids, but these boots look dope, that colorway is sick. These would be great for the winter time and defintely turn some heads. [kicksonfire]

Lemar and Dauley's New Line

Lemar and Dauley recently came out with a new line of gear. I like this photobook they put together too the gear looks good, colorful as usual, the womens stuff looks pretty fly too. Check out Lemar and Dauley's site here.

Air Force 1 Premiums - 2009

With 2008 coming to an end its time to get ready for next years new kicks. This year was a good year for the shoe game though, especially for nike, they came out with some crazy kicks. This pair of forces is set to release in 2009. It is hard to make a pair of Air Force 1's that aren't fly as hell but these were put together right. The Red/Grey looks great and im diggin the croc skin on the heal. [via kicksonfire]

Nas X Stussy X Nexus VII

Stussy and Nexus VII came together to sponsor an upcoming exclusive Nas concert. These limited edition T-Shirts will also be available their. Get more info at their Stussy's site.

Featured Artist - Si Scott

Check out this badass. It's not too often these days that you find an artist whose illustrations are all hand drawn. Give it up to Si Scott for bringin the heat the ol fashioned way. Pencil to paper.. none of that fancy schmancy electrotechnology computer stuff that doesn't require any talent. He's done some commissioned work for Nike as you can see above. Check out his personal site here, but perhaps a better place to check out his work is at this portfolio. And here is his Nike portfolio.

Vans Holiday Pack

Vans just came out with these new blue-checkered vans for the holidays. These are pretty fly, the vans are growin on me. the black and blue look good together, especially with that red accent. Get them here at proper. [Highsnobiety]

Fragment Design Lighter

Check out this Fragment Design lighter, its straight dope. The snow white color and simple design help create the best lighter I've ever seen. (via Fragment Design)

Ralph Lauren "Purple Label" Shades

These interesting shades are part of Ralph Laurens "Purple Label." These glasses come in a variety of colors and are designed to be fully foldable allowing the glasses to stand up to rough conditions. Oh yeah, they were also made in Italy. Available at Ralph's site for 425 dollars here. [hypebeast]

Alife Kicks

Alife just released this new colorway of their casual hi-top kicks. The shoes are made of all nubuck leather and come in this dope black colorscheme. They are kind of plain but they would go great with a nice pair of jeans. They are available at Norse. [sneakerfiles]

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New From Alife (x KRINK)

Graffiti, skating, freshness, money, and beautiful women... that's the hip new lifestyle all the kids are into these days. Here's some stuff from Alife that they just shipped out to in4mants. They collabed with Krink for a few that I really like. Alife. And Krink. [in4mants]

Stussy - Logo Tee

Stussy has the sickest logo ever created. This is not an opinion. 'Tis fact. I just wanna lick it. In a totally cool way. I want one in 7 different color schemes, and I could just rock a different one every day of the week. [in4mants]

Friday, November 28, 2008

Featured Artist - Gary Fernandez

Gary Fernandez is a dopetacular freelance artist from Madrid who now works out of Vancouver. He heads this clothing line called VelvetBanana... maybe the name sounds cooler in Spanish. Regardless, good stuff coming from Mr. Fernandez. Check out his personal site hurr. [thecoolhunter]

Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Lebron Commercial Featuring Weezy

Check out the new Nike commercial, keep an eye out for weezy.

Better Off Dead - Holiday 2008 Launched

I don't know if they had to pay for copyright permission or whatever, but however they pulled it off, this new stuff from the people over at FALSE is doooope.

From the creative mind of Le Messie and the creator of FALSE ( comes "Better Off Dead" this holiday season continuing on with it's timeless effort in portraying the decay on society in various iconic imagery and the like. A more accessible version to it's sibling brand FALSE, Better Off Dead can be found at various Retailers internationally including the FALSE E-Store (

Featured Artist - Pablo Alfieri

I like the presentation of this work. Instead of showing the renders, he went a step further and showed the prints... and then he went a step further and threw in some nice legs to add a nice lil touch. Sex sells... can't deny it. What I don't so much like about the actual prints is the typography. So many artists feel like their work isn't done until they throw some text on it. I say... perfection is not reached when there is nothing left to add, but rather when there is nothing left to take out. So Pablo, get rid of that text and we'll give ya bit more props. But your chick looks good so.. props. Check out his site.