Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mishka "Death Adder" Hat

This New Mishka Fitted just became available at Ubiqlife. They call this New Era hat the "Death Adder" and it comes in Black and Purple. They cost about $40.00 and you can get here.

New Nike Dunks

These are some new Nike Dunks that were just released at Caliroots. I love the color scheme, Black/Grey/Red always looks good on a pair of Nikes. The shoes also feature genuine leather and suede. You can get these Hi-Tops at here.

Featured Artist - Ahasveru

Here's some pretty psychedelic abstract digital art from Ahasveru. All of his work seen at his gallery here is digital fractal stuff. You kind of have to be in the mood for it... and by "in the mood" I mean to say "blunted".

B.Son - Hooded Zip Up Mock Jacket

This jacket is really in a category by itself in that there's nothing else out there like it. It has very unique construction and layering unseen anywhere else. It's new for Fall 2008. It's going for about 180 and you can get it here. [via selectism]

Monday, September 29, 2008

Nike Arctic Dunk Collection

Here is a look at the new premium Nike Arctic Dunk collection. The all-white pair, called the sled-dogs, features premium suede and leather. The all black pair is called the Polar Bears and also features suede. A nice pair of white on white sneakers always look clean are are nice to have but they are hard to keep clean, the black bear may take wear a little better. You can get both here.

Nike Air Technology Hybrid

Nike loves their Hybrid shoes. With the success of their recent Hybrids like the Spiz'ike's and the AFJ Fusions, Nike thought it would be a good idea to create another Hybrid. This time they used the Nike Air Technology sneakers as their canvas. Many of you probably wont remember any of the 4 Air Technology sneakers but they were very popular in their day. The shoe pictured above is the combination of the ATC 1,2,3, and 4's. These kicks are set to be released Spring '09 but it looks like they are worth the wait.

Brian Lichtenberg - The Floral Freakum Dress

Very unique style here from Lichtenberg. Definitely a progressive head-turner piece for all of our favorite alternative sneakhype chicas. A bit pricey at 300, but we know that money is no object for you right. Get it here.


Undefeated just released their new Fall lineup which is available at their online store now. The line consists of mostly Sweaters, Sweatshirts, and Jackets but their are also some clean logo Teas as well.

Nike Blazer High Premiums

These are the new Nike Blazer High Premiums. There have not been a lot of premium blazers released by Nike so i was excited to see a pair get released because i am a huge fan of Blazers. These old-school kicks feature premium leather and wood grain accents throughout the shoe. You can get a pair here.

New Nike Huarache LE 2009 sneak peack

This a sneak peak at some of Nikes upcoming releases for 2009. These Air Hurache LE running shoes. Nike has applied its Huarache technology to basketball, baseball, and running shoes alike. These comfortable kicks are available in 3 colorways and will be released in 2009. [via Hypebeast]

New Bapesata 88 Pack

Here is look at the new Bapesta 88 Track Pack. The pack consists of these new Hi-Top and Low-top kicks that come in the color pictured above as well as black and burgundy. Personally i am not a fan of these new Bapes , in fact i have not been pleased with most of their new products. Bapes design used to be colorful, creative and unlike any other clothing brand out there. Their latest products however have been very plain and bland. [Via highsnobiety]

Imaginary Foundation - on sale at Karmaloop

Imaginary Foundation has always been one of my personal favorite brands.  Here are some styles that were recently put on sale at Karmaloop.  Check these and more out here.

Highsnobiety's New Look

If you've been to Highsnobiety lately you might have noticed the new set up. The website is completely different(all for the better of course) it has a new design and logo. The logo got touched up by none other but Sneakhype Legend himself Benny Gold. He did a great job as you can see, they also hooked him up with a new feautured blog in the colomns section. Via highsnobiety.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Air Max 95 & 97

Can you believe the Air Max 95 is 13 years old already? It feels like just yesterday I was coppin a pair of these myself. The shoe is considered a classic by sneakerheads, and is one of the three most recognizable Air Max shoes around. Two years later Nike presented us with another classic, the Air Max 97. The futuristic design of the shoe helped it become one of the dopest shoes in the Air Max family. Now years later people are still scrambling around ebay and sneaker sites paying top dollar for them. So stop buying the 90's and start looking at 95's and 97's.

Badass Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Look like a total hardass by sporting one of these on your belt next time you hit the party scene. 12 bucks... small price to pay for upping your street cred. Get it here.

Addict - Star Wars Icon Series

We've shown you some pretty dope Star Wars shirts in late August, and here are some more from Addict clothing. Get them here. [via uncrate]

New Exclusive Nike Releases at Proper

Now, I can't actually see these products at the Proper site, but we found these slick picks at highsnobiety, and they're word is good, and their telling us you can get em at proper. The top pair is the AF1 mid premium with the classic ACG colorway. Also notice the tubular hiking laces that work really well for these. The second image features a couple colorways of the Fall Nike Vandal High. Pretty slick. Check out more info here.