Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sneaktip - Im going back to Cali...

Sneaktip seems to be dropping dope products every day. They just came out with a bunch of fresh shirts. They got the "Going Back to Cali Tee" which features multi-colored Palm trees on the front and a skyline graphic on the front, the text on the shirt is from the song "Going Back To Cali" by LL Cool J and shouldn't have to be explained. They also got the "Saturday" T-shirt which is tribute to the fact Jordan's all drop on Saturdays. The "Fuck Bitches Get Money" is only for those who know they got some serious swag. All of these shirts cost around 35 dollars and can be bought here.

Exclusive Estate LA Watermelon Hat

The highly anticipated Watermelon hat Made by Estate LA has finally been released. This watermelon inspired hat features a watermelon skin outside that can be removed to reveal a red watermelon inside. There were only 24 of these made and they are being sold exclusively at Estate LA flagship stores as well as their online store. You can get more info here.

1800 Tequila Presents Their Exclusive Artist Collaborations

1800 Tequila teamed up with Gourmet Kicks to create these one-of-kind bottles and sneakers. 1800 used their traditional Tequila bottle and the Nike Air Force-1's as their canvas's. Some of the kicks match the bottles. The pictures of the shoes are not the best but we couldn't find any better ones sorry. There is more pictures and info at their site which is pretty dope.

New Stussy "Super Size" Fitted

Stussy just released this New Fitted Hat. The New Era cap comes in a clean orange and green, and blue and orange color schemes. They feature a huge tag of the Logo on the front. The underside of the bill all has some cool designs. You can get it here.

Crooks and Castles Bullet Flash Drive

Crooks and Castles hooked up with Mojo Laboratories to create these limited edition Flash Drives. Hopefully these will be released sometime soon.

Nike SB X Futura

Nike collaborated with Futura on these new Dunks. It's kind of hard to tell that they were a collaboration shoe, they are pretty plain but i like the colors a lot. Via Vapors.

Nooka Watches

Check out these little diddies. These watches are pretty fresh. I've never seen anyone with one, so you should cop one, and you'll be the first to have it no doubt. Nooka watches have unique displays that allow you to easily read the time in an unconventional way. They are reasonably priced and you can check out their whole line and buy them here.

Solebox X Saucony

SoleBox hook up with Saucony to create this collaboration on the "Jazz" sneaker. They come in a brown/orange color scheme. They are hella exclusive, only 180 of these made worldwide so its gonna be hard to get any. Check out more pictures here.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New CP3's pictures

Some pictures of the new Chris Paul signature shoes have just come out. His second signature shoe will mirror the first somewhat but it also looks a lot like the Jordan 23's. Unfortunately there is no word on when they will be released. Via Sneakerfiles.

BBP - The 808 Raglan T

A shirt for the audio connoisseurs out there. The 808... the machine that started the whole rap game. Respect. Pay homage. Buy it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monarchy - Coat of Arms Watch

This thing is jaw dropping fresh. It's not a name brand, but you don't have to be to make the Sneakhype cut. In fact, the only requirement is that you bring the freshness, and goodness... my goodness this watch by Monarchy does just that. It's a good thing it isn't a name brand, too, because if it was, it would probably cost a couple grand. This guy, though, will only set you back $315... not bad for a dope timepiece like this. Buy it at Nordstrom here. Via uncrate.

Axolute Sink

Not only does this sink look awesome, but it doesn't have a drainpipe. Rather, it does, but it's all hidden and whatnot. It seems like it would splatter all over you, but such is a such a small price to pay for such G'd up-ness. Axolute Design via Gizmodo via Trendir via DVICE via your mom.

New Crooks and Castles "Flying Gun" Tee

Crooks and Castles just released this new Tee recently. The "Flying Gun" shirt comes in Yellow, Black, and White. They are going quick, get one here.

Interior Pieces by Timothy Schreiber

Timothy Schreiber is a designer out of London that really brings the freshness when it comes to seating and tables. He has some really simple yet elegant designs, as well as, incredibly unique and complex ideas. His online portfolio is definitely worth 2 minutes of your time. Check it out here. Do it. Really.

Staple Design X New Era

Staple Design just teamed up with New Era for their New Pigeon Fitted Caps. This hat comes in the two colorways seen above, as well as a Purple/Grey colorway. They feature a picture of a pigeon stitched on the front as seen in the pictures above, as well as fake bird shit stitched on the back (not pictured). You can get these here.

Lectrics "Black Picasso Tee"

Lectrics, a fresh clothing brand out of Paris that specializes in exclusive gear, just released this limited edition "Black Picasso" Tee a few days ago. JAY ONE and BBC collaborated on the design. This is a very exclusive shirt , only fifty of these hand-made shirts were ever produced. But you can get yours here.

The Silver Supra Cuban

These new Supra Cuban's just went on sale at UBIQ. The design of the shoe is pretty casual but the perforated silver leather is anything but casual. Notice the latch strap on the tongue of the shoe. These are some pretty innovative kicks and they only cost 85.00 dollars. Pick em up here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sneak Peak at RockSmiths New 2009 Line

We just got a hold of some pictures of RockSmiths new 2009 line. The line consists of some New Era Fitted Caps, Track Jackets, Skateboards, and there is more to come. RockSmith utilizes a lot of vibrant colors that a lot of other brands don't usually use on their new line. I can't wait until this stuff drops, no word on when it will yet but we'll let you know. Via highsnobiety.

New Adidas Kicks

Adidas just came out with a bunch of new kicks. They all feature very loud colorways and some unorthodox designs. A lot of these shoes are actually remakes of older shoes and they did a good job of putting a modern spin on some old-school sneakers. These kicks are all part of Adidas's 2009 collection but they are already available here.