Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stussy - Logo Tee

Stussy has the sickest logo ever created. This is not an opinion. 'Tis fact. I just wanna lick it. In a totally cool way. I want one in 7 different color schemes, and I could just rock a different one every day of the week. [in4mants]


t sech said...

Gotta agree with you on there logo, its sick as hell.. Gotta couple of there hoodies myself

EG said...

where'd you get your hoodies at? I want these shirts so bad, but you can only get them at retail stores... i'm trying to find a good online stussy retailer that gets all their new stuff

t sech said...

i actually found like 4 or 5 different style hoodies at tj maxx man, i picked up a couple of em, they were on sale.. 15 bucks! hella of deal i thoughg, im probably going back this week to see if the rest of em are left.