Thursday, December 4, 2008

Clipse Presents: Play Cloths Clothing

The Clipse have always been known to rock the newest Ice Cream and BBC gear out but now they are starting to take measures into their own hands. Malice and Pusha T have come out with their own clothing line. They call it "Play Cloths", it is inspired from early childhood memories, hence the logo. The shirt reminds me of a Ice Cream or BBC shirt, and the Play Cloths Website also resemebls BBC's, but i like this logo a lot. These shirts come in a few different colors. Unlike Ice Cream, Play Cloths shirts are priced at a semi-reasonable $40.00. They are available now at Commonwealth. In other Clipse news, they released a new mixtape called "Road Till The Casket Drops" which is being presented by Play Cloths, be sure to check that out too right here.

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