Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Featured Artist - Jouvelt

Okay first off, this featured artist, JOUVELT, is mad talented. Not only that but he was raised in Kansas, Dodge City to be exact but now he is residing in Lawrence, KS. So needless to say Sneakhype is a huge fan, we love supporting our local talent from Lawrence. Before moving back to Lawrence JOUVELT lived in Phoenix where he worked in the graphic design field. He now is a self-taught, contemporary painter using the unique Lawrence community as inspiration for his work. He does a lot of his work on recycled wood and canvas and he uses a collection of paints including house paint, spray paint, and clear coatings. The use of organic materials and colors are relaxing to look at. JOUVELT is a very well-rounded and versatile artist, he has also used his skills to create artwork for the logo and skateboards of a local Lawrence skate shop, White Chocolate, which we here at Sneakhype frequent quite often. To get more info and work from JOUVELT click here.

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