Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back To School - Dressed to Impress

School is about to start here in about a week, at least for me and my fellow Jayhawks, so its time to start getting your wardrobe in order. Lucky for you Sneakhype is here to help you pick out some slick gear. We've put together an outfit that any sneakerhead would be proud of. Lets start off with the jeans by WeSC, a cool little company with lots of fresh gear. The jeans feature nice denim accented by gold stitching. The back pockets feature some cool stitching as well but does not get to flashy. The shirt is made by Garbege, which has been worn by the likes of Lil Wayne, so you know its fly, nuff' said. The jacket is made by Leroy Jenkins. You gotta love that name, and the jacket looks clean too. Another cool thing bout this outfit is that it can be found all in the same place. Our good friend Karmaloop has got everything you need, check out their new stuff.

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