Friday, December 5, 2008

** READ READ READ ** PUMA concerts - Sneakhype VIP Giveaway

SNEAKHYPERS LISTEN UP: Puma got in touch with us and is offering us spots on the VIP list for their free concert series. Check it out... concerts are coming up in LA (Dec 8th - Plain White Tees with DJ Adam), San Fran (Dec 9th - Steve Aoki and Laday Gaga), and then the Bravery are going to be rockin out Chicago on December 10th. This is where you come in... none of the Sneakhype OG crew are going to be able to make it up to any of these shows, so we want to offer ANY of our readers these VIP spots. If you live in or around these areas, you should really hit us up and get these VIP tix. eg [at] sneakhype [dot] com GET AT ME


Anonymous said...

lady gaga does tons of coke and the bravery are the shit im there!

EG said...

hit us up, and we'll get you VIP yo. shoot an email to eg [at] sneakhype [dot] com