Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Featured Artist - Chow Martin

Lil dopeness for y'all to chew on for a bit. Chow Martin... far more delicious than Chow Mein. His preferred medium is ink on Mylar. Check out his personal site here. Couple images courtesy of his behance portfolio.


PG said...

You think that bear could take that gorilla?

EG said...

oh tricky, you slay me. of course the gorilla would eat the bear alive. the bear can hardly stand.. the muscles on his legs are all but gone, and he's already been ripped to shreds. but regardless of the bear's physical health, the gorilla would own up on him and we know this to be true as per the poll that our adoring sneakhypers participated in and consequently decided that gorilla beats bear in cage match. fool.