Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sneakhype - The Black Friday Tee

Sneakhypers, it's here... The Black Friday Tee. For 15 dollars, it can be all yours. We got S, we got M, we got L, and we got that XL for you. We will also give you a sticker or 2... maybe 3. Shoot. And the stickers are tight. The shirts will release on the 28th of this month. Order them now, and we'll ship 'em out on the 28th. If you do want one, please order now, so that we can make sure we have them in stock come the 28th. To order... send your name, address, and what size you want to eg (at) sneakhype (dot) com.

Leave comments... let us know what you think. Sneakhype fo life, son!


Martinez said...

Yeah, those shirts look dope as hell.

PG said...

Thanks a lot man, glad you like them