Monday, November 3, 2008

New Crooks and Castles

Here is another fresh new T-shirt from Crooks and Castles. It reminds me of an old-school video game. You can get it at Karmaloop and remember to use the repcode at the bottom of the page for a discount.


EG said...

i think that old school video game you're thinking of is mario on NES where you gotta jump on the flag pole right at the end of the levels and then go into the castle.

p.s. pat - i've got a whole gang of people that want the black friday shirt (i've been showin people the sneakpeak concepts... i know i shouldn't be, but i have shown a few), and everyone wants em. I think we might just have to order more my brotha. We shall talk via a medium other than our comments. But since no one else reads em, i figured this would be fine haha.

chronosseuor said...

you dumbass all i read is your comments! your lucky i am a big fan, plus I want this shirt here. The C is tight.