Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kanye West - 808's and Heartbreaks Ablumn Cover and Artwork by KAWS

Kanye West's new albumn, 808's & Heartbreak, is set to drop next week on November 24th. Most of you have probably heard some of his new stuff. At first i was not sure about his new musical direction but now I'm liking how he changed it up. One thing he didn't change up however was the sick albumn artwork. On his lat albumn he had Takashi Marakami do the ablumn artwork, now he got brooklyn artist KAWS. The cover and artwork are off the chain, even better than Graduation's. KAWS work is always off the chain so i would not expect anyting else. [ Via Highsnobiety]


EG said...

don't get me wrong... kaws is tight... and that video we posted of him was dope. but am i the only one that thinks he's perhaps just a tad overrated???

PG said...

i dunno man, i think KAWS is great i can see how you could consider him overrated because his stuff is just cartoons mostly, but this album cover is awesome

EG said...

yeah i like the cover art definitely. it's more just KAWS i think... I guess i just dont understand the hype. Like, how can you give so much props to a dude who takes a picture of spongebob and then draws Xs over his eyes and then does those fat bones comin out his head? isn't that copyright infringement? i like it, i just think it's extremely gimmicky and when he tries to do new shit... like the marc jacobs X kaws kicks for chicks... those were ugly as fuck.