Tuesday, November 4, 2008

44th President - Barack Obama - Fresh on the Scene

Greatest day in our nation's history since I've been alive, yo.


images from karmaloop


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a pretty cool thing... But let's see if January 30th lives up to all the hype. I'm just hoping he doesn't do something really stupid like Clinton or Nixon and then dash the hopes of 38,000,000 voters... That would be catastrophic. Wish Obama and this blog the best.

EG said...

Thanks dude. I feel you... so much hype surrounding Obama, but I feel like it's for pretty good reason. How bout that acceptance speech? I felt seriously moved by it; I thought it was spot on. It was one of the most progressive political and social events in our nation's history... and certainly the greatest day in our country since I've been born. I hope everyone gives him a chance to prove himself to the US and to the world.

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