Monday, October 6, 2008

New Freshjive Jacket

Karmaloop just got in a lot of new gear from Freshjive, including this "Athletics Hoodie." I like this hoodie a lot, its got a laid back color scheme going on with the Grey and Blue. It's got the Letter Jacket look but the Hoodie feel and features some cool buttons on the front instead of a zipper. It Costs $120.00 but looks like its worth it. Plus you can get up too 20% off if you use the repcode at the bottom of the page. Buy this Jacket here.


ralph said...

Yeah man, thats a fresh hoodie...but its not ROCKSMITH dude. The pic above shows a FRESHJIVE item.

EG said...

haha whoops... thanks man.

HT said...

dude u get 120 percent off holy shit!