Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dubai's New Tower Houses Resturaunt at 2,150 ft in a Glass Pod

Alright lets talk about Dubai for a second, its one of the seven emirates and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. The place is sick, so rich off oil and is breaking records with their futuristic architecture. They're putting billions in these places in hopes to make Dubai a tourism hot spot. Heard of the Burj Al Arab? shit it's only a seven-star hotel. Roger Federer plays tennis on the roof. The World Island? a man made island that actually looks like the world. Oh yea they also have the Palm Trilogy, three more man made islands, one can house over a million people. The list goes on but plans of a brand new project have come out. Its a Tower that houses a restaurant in a glass pod while 2150 feet in the air. Yes the future is here people it's looking dooooopppee.

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