Saturday, September 27, 2008

Featured Artist - Reby C

I just thought it had been a good while since we'd seen some 3D abstract on the blog, so here's a few quick picks complements of deviantart. I could see this series hanging on a dark colored wall in a reading room or home office. Though, I'm a much bigger fan of the models than I am of the colors he went with. I think he should perhaps try to move away from the monochromatic stuff.


DarkenedPoems said...

Pretty cool. Amazing how a lot of people don't even like 3D Abstract Art. I think it is awesome.

EG said...

appreciate the comment my man. yeah, i'm a huge fan of the 3D abstract. you ever heard of an artist named andidas? some of my favorite stuff. i've thrown up a couple posts. check out the "art" link, and go back a few pages, or just google him. you'll like it a lot.