Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Primitive Grand Opening

Pro Skater Paul Rodriguez opened up his own sneaker boutique this past weekend called Primitive. Although Rodriguez is sponsored by Nike SB his store still carries a lot of high end sneakers, shirts, and hats from other exclusive companies too. Primitive sells skate gear as well. Its located in his hometown of Encino, CA on Ventura Boulevard. Its got a really nice set up and is definitely worth checking out if your in the area. Via GrimyGoods.


Anonymous said...

just a correction grammatically.
it's "worth checking out if you're in the area" not "your in the area". That's a totally different meaning.

EG said...

We at sneakhype appreciate you reading our posts and keeping up with the archives. You rock.

That said... I gotta get my boy, PG's, back right here. You say that "your in the area" has a totally different meaning than the correct: "you're in the area". Now it is true that such is a grammatical error, but the implied meaning is intrinsically obvious, and in fact, could have no other meaning than the implied meaning. You see, "your" is, of course, the second person singular modifier to show possession. So, it would be impossible for "your" to function as a modifier of a prepositional phrase such as "in the area" or any other prepositional phrase in the English language. "Your" could never show possession of a preposition. Ergo, PG still rules. Sneakhype for life, son.

Anonymous said...

My boy EG is wicked smart