Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Featured Architect - Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry must have done some serious mind opening drugs during his youth. Check out these buildings. It's like he scribbled all over a piece of paper and called it a blueprint. His portfolio includes many well known tourist attractions and museums around the world. These are just a few of his pieces, and one of his furniture pieces called the wiggle chair. You can buy the wiggle chair in a few different colors for 920 bucks. Buy it here.


levi wall said...

I think I'm a bigger fan of Gehry's chairs than his buildings. Decades ago, he started designing these chairs that are made of cardboard layered together... I think they're playful and stylish. His deconstructivst building designs on the other hand are blatantly chaotic. I've never visited one of his buildings, but I bet they gather tons of attention!

Hadley said...
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