Monday, July 28, 2008

Sneakhype on the Scene - DENVER

Sneakhype's all over the world, but as of today... we're in Denver, checkin out some spots and came across a gem de la creme shoppe called PISMO -- a fine art gallery that features mostly glass from the best artists around the world. I recently gave Lino Tagliapierta a Featured Artist post not two days ago, and what do you know, PISMO had 4 Lino orginals... each going for 50 - 60 thousand bucks. The 4 stepped pieces are from Lino, and the walled glass plates are from Chihuly. Sooo dope. They had a painting in this store going for $160,000. The combined worth of the 3 photos I took and posted here totals roughly nine hundred fifty thousand dollars. Pocket change. Check out more at pismo's site.

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